Rules & Procedures

Rules & Procedures

Summary of Special Rules for Over 60 & Over 70  Hockey Leagues

  Games will be 48 minute running  time with stop time in the last 2 minutes when the games is  within 1   goal.

  We do not play a center red line.

  No Checking.   (Play the puck not the man.)

  Slap shots are not allowed.

  Penalties are 2 minutes

  No fighting.   Fighting penalty–player will  be suspended for that game and the next  2 games

  Game misconduct – suspended from that game and the next 2 games.

  3 three penalties (of any kind) in one game results is suspended for the balance of the game  and the next game.

  An accumulation of 17 penalty minutes in the season (includes playoffs) and you are done for   the season.

  Gross misconduct (including intent to injure) — say goodbye to hockey in this league.

  All subs must be registered and pay the ice fee before their game.

  This is a FUN league.  Play with good sportsmanship and respect for the other player.

  Zero Tolerance with respect to the Refs.

Captains are to give equal ice to all players as much as possible.

  Arena Rules:

  No one is to go on the ice until after the Zamboni has left the ice and the door is closed.

  No alcoholic beverages in the building or the parking lot.

  Take any other cans or bottles out with you.

  No smoking in the building or the locker rooms

  Get locker room key from Ron Basse.